Weight Loss

Part of my 2021 journey will include weight loss. I’m naturally broad for my height, so I have this bad habit of carrying weight pretty well. This created a false sense of security in my mind that my weight was never an issue. Fast forward a bit, the pandemic locks us down at home, and I’m looking for size 42 pants and clocking in at about 260lbs.

Since the pandemic started, we bought our first home and I became a bit more active. Hell, getting a second floor helped me take more steps than I have in years.

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to help me track my calories, and I’m introducing vitamins back into my life.

I have no clue what my goal weight is, but I’m going to keep on keepin’ on!

Weight Loss Tracker

Weigh In DateWeightWeek-over-WeekTotal Loss


To aid me in my weight loss journey, I am creating a 50 day journey for two physical activities – using the row machine, and performing foul-line drills in my make-shift bowling lane in my office. Once I get that set up in my 2021 bullet journal, I’ll grab some photos.

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