2021 Resolutions

I Say I Want a Resolution

For 2021, I want to give myself some resolutions that take me out of my current routine and force me into some new (for the time) directions. I want to challenge my mind and my own willpower, and probably my patience too.

(Re)-Learning Guitar

I used to play a ton of guitar, and I’m looking to pick it back up. Playing guitar helped me unleash whatever emotions I have inside that I struggle to articulate with words. And the weird thing is, I don’t want to write my own tunes – I want to challenge myself by learning difficult songs and achieve a bizarre sense of satisfaction while deafening myself.


This resolution stems from my desire to lessen screen time on my smartphone. Rather than making a resolution to simply have less phone time, I went one step further and will flat out replace it. I think I read a fair amount, but it’s mainly articles, social media, and my print edition of The Atlantic. I want to enjoy some stories, and also expand my mind with a bit of non-fiction that intrigues me.

Video Games

I love video games. I think it stems from my love of immersive, interactive story-telling. I blame my cousins for showing me role-playing games when I was single digits years old, and I’ve been into them ever since. I’ll comment on the games as I’m playing them.

Weight Loss

This one’s pretty clich√©, but I have a wedding in 2022 to prepare for! And it’s high time I take self-care beyond therapy and focus on my physical health too.

Weight loss page is a-comin’ soon!

Music Reviews

This is something I’ve always toyed around with, but I think I want to dip a toe or two or three into these waters. I’ll start off slow, maybe an album review a month. But I’m hopeful to find the whole process fulfilling, and I wind up making it a regular-ish thing.

The music review area will take a bit to build out – hopefully by February.

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